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Greeting through Art

Projecting the Planet into the Future

Greeting cards for 2019

Greeting cards for 2013
Maria-Jesus Contreras
"Rencontre sur les branches"

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Selecting contemporary artists

Selecting the contemporary artists on our list requires: Independence, research, balance.

• We have expressly limited our list to living artists (painters, photographers, etc.). this way, we have the pleasure of being in contact with them and following their work as it evolves over time.

• We are dedicated to presenting
a diverse, international list of artists. We aim to offer a selection that includes different contemporary styles, movements, etc.

Our only criteria are the quality of the artwork, its originality and representativeness (of a style, a theme, etc.), with the only requirement being its adaptability to the publishing sector and to the “business world”

Sélection d'artistes contemporains : Fernando Alday 
Myriam Maodus

We are completely independent in our choices and not bound to any marketing strategy, usage or merchandising fees of any kind. We bring together businesses, private parties, artists and galleries (we do not sell, rent or buy artwork).

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All of our publications are part of contractual arrangements with the artists and include royalty payments.

Contemporary art for your customized creations

Contemporary Art for your customized and exclusive cards

Our selection of contemporary artists is the work of a team attentive to the variety of styles proposed and the suitability of the works to communication in the corporate sector.
We were set up to give companies and institutions an incentive to make use of contemporary creative artworks for their communication.

Artiste - Martin Wehmer
Jean-Paul Agosti
Jardin de la Métamorphose

Select an artworks from our selection and we design, create, and print your greeting cards

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