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Made-to-order cards

This service is reserved for business customers

Select your artwork, we will design your card:
in the format and on the paper of your choice.


- Select an artwork from our selection (more than 700 artists), see a part of our selection. Given the importance of our database, we make for you a personalized selection that we propose.

We create a card exclusive to you (including preliminary mock-up and printing).

- No other company will have the same card,
you benefit from exclusive artwork (time-limited rights to specified product only). The visual material you select is immediately withdrawn from the annual selection on offer.

• • Samples of exclusive greeting cards • •
CAUTION: the screen may deform the colours of the images.
Exclusive greeting card - Danielle Voirin
Exclusive greeting card - Neil Canning
Exclusive greeting card - Erik Prins
Greeting card 17x12 cm
Danielle Voirin
"Nitelights 3"
Greeting card 14x16 cm
Neil Canning
"Air Stream"
Greeting card 17x13 cm
Erik Prins
"Promesse de bonheur"
Exclusive greeting card - Paul Benjamins
Exclusive greeting card - Peter Anton
Exclusive greeting card - Charles Giulioli
Greeting card 15x21 cm
Paul Benjamins
"New Dawn"
Greeting card 12x17 cm
Peter Anton
"Dazzling Assortment"
Greeting card 15x15 cm
Charles Giulioli
"Opening to the world"
Exclusive greeting card - Aline Guillermain
Exclusive greeting card - Umberto Manzo
Exclusive greeting card - Eric Liot
Card 2 parts
Aline Guillermain
Card 3 parts with cuts
Umberto Manzo
Card 2 parts with cuts
Eric Liot
"Content - Container"
Exclusive greeting card - Bang Hai Ja
Exclusive greeting card - Mustapha Boujemaoui
Exclusive greeting card - Myra Maodus
Card 3 parts, cuts and gilding
Bang Hai Ja
"Breath of Light"
Card 3 parts
Mustapha Boujemaoui
"Picto Newspaper 1"
Card 3 parts, cuts and gilding
Myra Maodus
"Murmurs of 2008"
Exclusive greeting card - Charles Giulioli
Exclusive greeting card - Federica Matta
Exclusive greeting card - Tim Smith
Greeting card 21x21 cm
Charles Giulioli
"Action for Sustainable Development"
Card 3 parts with cuts and gilding
Federica Matta
"Danza de los yos y de los tus"
Card 2 parts with corrugated
Tim Smith
"Attachment points IX"
Exclusive greeting card - Bang Hai Ja
Exclusive greeting card - Martin Reyna
Exclusive greeting card - Andrew Turnbull
Greeting card 12x17 cm
Bang Hai Ja
"Flying in the sky"
Greeting card 11x27 cm
Martin Reyna
Greeting card 17x17 cm
Andrew Turnbull
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