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Greeting cards - Samples

The catalogue of greeting cards

cartes de voeux 2019

You can view our catalogue and choose a greeting card illustrated by a contemporary artist.



Customized greeting cards

e-card de voeux 2019

You can also create your own customized greeting cards by consulting our contemporary artists selection and choosing from the different works of art.

If you have an idea or a theme you wish to illustrate on your greeting cards, mention this to us. We will search for related artworks from our "Art Gallery" and send you a series of prints.

Greeting cards are fully customizable, from the model (size, shape, cuts ...) to the cover image.

E-cards : greeting cards

Cartes de voeux numériques
Martine Rupert - Watercolour on paper

We also propose e-cards to complement your made to order greeting cards.

Our e-cards are also customizable, and will have the same design as on your paper cards.
You can include a personalized greeting sentence for each contact, and / or a general sentence if you wish.

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