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Editions DEL l'art des voeux

Exclusive and customized greeting cards for your company


From a chosen work, we design, create and edit your greeting card exclusively
in the format and on the paper you want and in digital version (e-card) in addition to your paper card.

Our greeting cards are original cards illustrated by contemporary artists.
We tackle major themes such as culture, environment, society ...

cartes de voeux B2B

Your exclusive greeting card 2024 and tailor made

- You choose a visual from our selection of works of art (over 600 artists and more than 7000 works), overview of our selection of contemporary artists by works. Given the importance of our base, we carry out for you a personalized selection that we propose (according to a theme, a color, your tastes ...)

- We create your exclusive greeting card (model, print).
No company will have the same card as yours,
you benefit from the exclusivity of the illustration (for a given application and duration), the selected visual is removed from the annual selection available.

Our team of graphic designers sends you a front / back model for validation.

- Support the cause that affects you among associations :

(a percentage of the sale will be returned to them).

Or, choose a card from our 2024 catalog.

Custom 2024 e-cards

In addition to your printed greeting card, we make the associated fixed or animated e-card in harmony with your paper greeting card.

Our team of graphic designers will send you proposal and model for validation.

Or, choose the animated e-card on our 2024 catalog.

Some examples of custom greeting cards from other years:
Click on the cards to see the inside
carte de voeux sur mesure - Paul Benjamins
Carte de voeux 15x21 cm
Paul Benjamins
"Nouvel aube"
carte de voeux sur mesure - Aline Guillermain
carte de voeux sur mesure - Erik Prins
carte de voeux sur mesure - Charles Giulioli
carte de voeux sur mesure - Eric Liot
Greeting card 17x13 cm
Erik Prins
"Promise of Happiness"
Greeting card 15x15 cm
Charles Giulioli
"Opening on the World"
Card 2 pages with cutouts
Eric Liot
"Content - Container"
carte de voeux sur mesure - Mustapha Boujemaoui
carte de voeux sur mesure - Tim Smith
carte de voeux sur mesure - Bang Hai Ja
Card 2 pages
Aline Blanche

Card 3 pages
Mustapha Boujemaoui
"Picto Journal 1"
Card 2 pages with embossing
Tim Smith
"Points d'attache IX"
Card 3 pages, cuts and gilding
Bang Hai Ja
"Souffle de lunmière"
carte de voeux sur mesure - Neil Canning
carte de voeux sur mesure - Charles Giulioli
carte de voeux sur mesure - Umberto Manzo
carte de voeux sur mesure - Myra Maodus
Greeting card 14x16 cm
Neil Canning
"Air Stream"
Greeting card 21x21 cm
Charles Giulioli
"Agir pour le développement durable"
Card 3 pages with cutouts
Umberto Manzo
"Sans titre"
Card 3 pages, cuts and gilding
Myra Maodus
"Murmures de 2008"
carte de voeux sur mesure - Federica Matta carte de voeux sur mesure - Martin Reyna
Card 3 pages with cuts and gilding
Federica Matta
"Danza de los yos y de los tus"
Greeting card 11x27 cm
Martin Reyna
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