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Editions DEL l'art des voeux

Contemporary Art dedicated to the print production and communication of business firms


Customized Greeting Cards for your business

With our greeting cards, you participate in the diffusion of Contemporary Art throughout the World.

catalogue of greeting cards  

Discover our collection of greeting cards for 2024

Personalize the interior of your cards with your text, your logo, vos colors...

Choose the association you want to support:
(any association that is important to you, a percentage will be donated to the association of your choice).

Our team of graphic designers sends you a model for validation.

Our cards are printed on high quality paper with the Imprim'Vert certification.


A catalog of e-cards that we personalized with the design of your company

Choose the animated e-card on our catalog for 2024.

We personalize it with your text and your logo or take the graphic design of your paper greeting car.

We can insert the association of your choice.

We send you a model for validation.


cartes de voeux B2B

 A greeting card and / or a fully customized e-card

You choose the painting from a selection made especialy for you (according to your wishes, your colors, your tastes ...) and we design, create and edit your greeting card; no other company will have the same work on its card.

Our team of graphic designers sends you a front & back model for validation.


Modern art works dedicated to the communication of your business firms

For 20 years, we have been doing an international selection of artists. 600 contemporary artists and more than 7000 works (paintings, pictures, drawings...) in our image bank, a truly independant selection.
Our objective is to prompt companies to use artistic creation in their corporate communication and to promote culture by taking part in its dissemination.
Whenever a work is used by a company, the artist receives royalties.

This art selection is the product of a careful work from a specialised team attentive to the quality, professionalism and originality of the artists presented.


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