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Who are we?


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More than 15 years ago,
jointly with the UNESCO Culture Sector and UNESCO Publishing we decided to create a venture dedicated to promoting contemporary art.

A study had shown that, from a sampling of works of contemporary art, the public was systematically drawn to those works it thought it had already seen. The feeling of familiarity, of “déjà vu,” caught and kept its attention.

How can the public be made to see contemporary artwork when it doesn’t necessarily go to museums or galleries? How can art be taken out of these enclosed spaces and be made a part of daily life in a simple and natural way without extensive and sustained investment.

Today, we are completely independent

The idea was to create an international list of artists and artwork that would be open to every style and representative of contemporary artistic creation; to make the artwork we select available to businesses and institutions for publication and events (institutional communications).

We would take care of the publishing side and the business or institution, after having chosen the artwork or artist it finds most suitable, would become the intermediary with the work’s or artist’s public (customers, prospects, partners, etc.)

art Our list includes more than 700 living artists from all over the world; it is kept up-to-date and added to every year.

art We work with both major international groups and small businesses and organisations.

We publish many greeting card, business being more open to contemporary art for these types of product

Selecting contemporary artists

Selecting the contemporary artists on our list requires: Independence, research, balance.

• We have expressly limited our list to living artists (painters, photographers, etc.). this way, we have the pleasure of being in contact with them and following their work as it evolves over time.

• We are dedicated to presenting
a diverse, international list of artists. We aim to offer a selection that includes different contemporary styles, movements, etc.

Our only criteria are the quality of the artwork, its originality and representativeness (of a style, a theme, etc.), with the only requirement being its adaptability to the publishing sector and to the “business world”

Sélection d'artistes contemporains : Fernando Alday 
Myriam Maodus
Sans titre

We are completely independent in our choices and not bound to any marketing strategy, usage or merchandising fees of any kind. We bring together businesses, private parties, artists and galleries (we do not sell, rent or buy artwork).

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All of our publications are part of contractual arrangements with the artists and include royalty payments.

Our sources

In addition to always being on the lookout for new artists and maintaining close contacts with the art world, over the last 12 months we have visited the following major art exhibitions:

Arco Madrid
Armoryshow - New York
Art Basel
Art Brussels
Art Chicago
Art Cologne
Art Fiera - Bologne
Art forum - Berlin
Art Frankfurt
Art Paris
Artissima - Turin
FIAC Paris
Frieze Art Fair - London
London Art Fair
MIART - Milan
Paris Photos
Art Beijing
Art Amsterdam
Contemporary Drawing Fair

Our services

Artistic greeting cards

Publidations, artistic creations, illustrations on demande

More broadly, partnerships, initiatives supporting artistic creation and participation in cultural exchanges.

We handle every step of the process according to the product or service desired:

• Artistic creation, layout design,
• Writing of texts,
• Choice of media (paper, digital, etc.),,
• Execution (photoengraving, printing, uploading, arrangement, displays, delivery, etc.)

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